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Do I Really Need Boater’s Insurance? | Centennial Insurance Services

Mar, 01
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Boat traffic isn’t the same as freeway traffic for cars, motorcycles, and trucks but that doesn’t mean you will never have an accident where you need to put in a claim.

While it may seem appealing to skimp on boat insurance and bet the odds, the fact is that boating accidents happen, especially in a boat heavy area like Southwest Florida.

In 2017 according to www.uscgboating.org the top 5 types of boating accidents were as follows:

#1 Collision with another boat 1145

#2 Collision with a fixed object 470

#3 Flooding 435

#4 Grounding 368

#5 Falling overboard 306

That’s a good number of accidents for just one year here in Florida. Of the above listed 2724 accidents, 384 were fatalities and another 1530 injuries. That results in a large number of expensive claims made against boat insurance.

The reasons and contributing factors that came into play during these incidents ranked in at:

#1 operator inattention

#2 Improper outlook

#3 Inexperience

#4 machinery failure

#5 Alcohol use

#6 excessive speeds

#7 Navigation rules violations

#8 weather

While the majority of the time you take your boat out we agree, nothing bad will happen, there is always that off chance and off day where the unexpected takes place and you might just end up making the statistics list by fault or no fault of your own. All it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time to be hit by a storm or an out of control boat.

If you are covered well by your insurance policy it gives peace of mind not only to yourself, the boat owner that your asset is well protected but also to your guests on board that they will be taken care of should something happen while you are out on the open water.

If you have a boat and live or spend the season in Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island or anywhere in Southwest Florida we would love to have the opportunity to get you a customized quote for your vessel and see just what we can do to protect your boat and the ones you love.

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Source: https://www.uscgboating.org/library/accident-statistics/Recreational-Boating-Statistics-2017.pdf