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If You Are Out on the Water in Southwest Florida, You Need to Be Insured

Jul, 01
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Right now, with the whole COVID pandemic lockdown there isn’t a lot to do socially. Boating has picked up for this very reason. You can be out on the water in the sunshine getting fresh air and very easily social distance bringing only family and close friends with you on the boat.

With this said, there are still many boats on the water. The possibility of accidents still exists and there wouldn’t be a worse time to add more stress to your life by having an accident or incident occur and have your boat be uninsured or underinsured.

Boat insurance is necessary to protecting your investment and your assets. No one plans to have an accident. Just because you are a conscientious boat operator does not mean that other people adhere to the same safe boating standards. Regardless of how careful you are, accidents do happen.

As far as coverage goes a typical policy will cover expenses incurred from damage to your boat or trailer, as well as your personal belongings from accident or theft. It also will cover medical expenses for you as well as your passengers.

Some boat owners incorrectly assume that their homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage for boat issues. It is possible that a homeowner’s policy will cover small non-motorized watercraft or a sailboat, but the majority of boats are not protected.

Contact Centennial Insurance Services to discuss your boat insurance needs and review your current boating policy to receive a quick quote. Be it a motorboat, a jet ski or a sailboat, we will help you find the appropriate coverage so that you can enjoy your days on the water! Call us today at 239-247-5125 or request a quick quote by filling out the form.