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Boating Insurance is a Must Have if You Boat in Florida, Learn Why…

Dec, 07
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Boating in Southwest Florida is a major pastime. In fact, as of last year 914,535 boats were registered in Florida as a whole. That is a lot of water way traffic!

While there is no mandate on boating insurance in Florida it is not in boat owners’ best interest to skip getting coverage. The rule of thumb is if it would be financially difficult for you to repair or replace your boat or pay for any damage done to another’s vessel should an accident occur, you want to insure it. This also must take into account potential for injury to people on your boat or someone else’s boat at the time of an accident.

Florida boat owners aren’t required to insure or obtain a captain’s license in order to operate a boat. You will, however, typically be required to have a boating safety identification card as well as register and title your boat with the state of Florida. You also must carry safety equipment onboard.

Though boat insurance isn’t mandated by Florida law, you may still be required to purchase a policy if you have a lien against the boat. We do recommend considering coverage, given busy waterways, the state’s storm and hurricane risk, and the high potential cost of damages.

A policy can provide coverage for:

-Liability coverage in case of damages to another boat or dock.

-Damages to the vessel or your personal property, which are subject to a deductible. Coverage is valid for damage -caused on the water or on a trailer.

-Medical payments coverage in case you, or a guest, sustain any injuries.

-Uninsured boat owner’s coverage, in case you’re injured, or your boat is damaged by another vessel that is not insured.

-Towing coverage

Taking a chance boating uninsured is just that, gambling. Call us at Centennial Insurance today for a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable boating insurance in Florida can be!


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