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Deciding Between Insurance Quotes | Centennial Insurance Services

Dec, 02

Buying insurance should depend on a lot more than just price. While sure you may save a few bucks monthly on a cheaper no name insurance company, in the event of a loss or accident, how dependable are they to really come through for you when you need them with great service and coverage as advertised?

Track Record – How long has the agency been in business? Have they stood the test of time?

Reputation – How are the company’s reviews? Do customers seem to stay with them over time, happy with their service or do they get slammed and dropped like a hot potato?

Really Read Your Contract – Many people sign paperwork without ever reading it. Reading every page and every line of your proposed policies is vital in order to make sure you are receiving the very best coverage you can get for the amount you are willing to pay. Without fully reading and understanding your policy, in the event a claim needs to be made you won’t be confident that it is covered.

Inclusions, exclusions, and provisions – read and read again. If you have questions or do not fully understand something that is in the paperwork make sure to ask and discuss with your agent.

You get what you pay for. In insurance, like in life, there is no free ride. If you accept a cut-rate policy with a no name company you may save according to your monthly budget, but should exigent circumstances arise it’s then too late to change the game. you will be stuck with whatever was previously agreed to and that could mean sub par coverage and inadequate replacement as well as, depending on the policy type, leaving you open to the possibility of dealing with a law suit if your insurance doesn’t fully pay for something you have inadvertently damaged.

Taking the time to be proactive and talk with a Centennial Insurance Services agent can be a life saver. They can get you the best rates on the best coverages. Give them a call by dialing (239) 247-5125 or visiting www.cisinsfl.com today.